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Founder and owner Isaiah Robinson always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, He just didn’t know what business he was going to open. He was savvy at money management, customer service and had over 12 years of experience in the financial industry. This background created the foundation for Robinson Rubbish Removal and Hauling LLC.  
In March 2021 Isaiah quit Yolo County Child Support to start his own business. He was inspired by family/friends in the real estate and construction industries. After assisting with demolition on house remodeling projects he found a need for convenient junk removal. This idea sparked a question, “if junk removal saves companies time and resources, could it also be beneficial to my community?” When Isaiah got home he spoke with his now wife about this idea he was questioning. She was enthusiastic and found this ironic because she has always considered him a “neat freak”.
Isaiah has always enjoyed throwing things away, making space and organizing. He likes the feeling of getting rid of things and cleaning up. He says “it’s the instant gratification of how things looked before, and after something is removed. Reclaiming your space gives you power with endless possibilities.”

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